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Show Tech Colour Mask – White


Show Tech Colour Mask for dogs and cats blends and enhances the coat to cover or improve any imperfections. Colour Mask comes in a 20g pot, together with an applicator brush.  


Show Tech Pro Brightening 15 Shampoo


Show Tech Pro Brightening Shampoo is a super cleaning professional shampoo that safely and gently removes even the most stubborn stains and smells. This highly concentrated, rich lathering shampoo with a coconut oil base contains active ingredients and optical brighteners to accentuate the natural colour…


Bertie the Budgie


Bertie the Budgie is another cat toy from the Beco range. Made from recycled plastic, it is filled with catnip.


Cat Play Cube – x 2


Here is a great toy for cats and kittens alike. Made from nylon on a wire frame, each Cube has three toys dangling inside – two balls and a felt fish. The Cube measures 40cms (16″) x 40cms (16″) x 40cms (16″) Price is for…


Cats Claws Flapper Teaser


The Cats Claws Flapper teaser has long, dark, sleek feathers, with small brightly coloured feathers and a bell attached to the top of the rod. Please note: colours will vary.


Cats Claws Monkeytail Teaser


The Cats Claws Monkeytail Teaser has a brightly coloured fluffy feather with a bell attached. Please note: colors will vary.



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