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Apart from Eye Envy, we have an extensive range of tear stain removers and cover creams.
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Show Tech Colour Mask – White


Show Tech Colour Mask for dogs and cats blends and enhances the coat to cover or improve any imperfections. Colour Mask comes in a 20g pot, together with an applicator brush.  


Page One Eye Wash


Page One Tear Stain remover is an effective and safe remedy for tear stains on dogs and cats. It works best when used in conjuction with Page One Eye Powder.


Page One Eye Powder


Page One Eye Powder helps to prevent the build up of tear stains on the coat. It works best when used in conjunction with Page One Eye Wash.


Page One Eye Pads


Page One Eye Pads are pre-soaked with Page One Eye Wash, and are effective in helping to remove tear stains.


Show Tech No More Tear Stains


Show Tech No More Tear Stains is a good and effective tear stain remover. It is designed for complete care of the coat around the eye are, and it is a favourite of dog and cat show exhibitors.


Show Tech Eye Wipes


Show Tech Eye Wipes are specially formulated to remove tear stains and to treat sensitive eyes.


Topline Kleenface


Topline Kleenface tear stain remover is a very effective treatment for the removal of tear stains.


Bio-Groom Stain Free


Biogroom Stain Free cream provides excellent cover for stains around the eye area. It comes with an applicator brush.



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