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Scratch Posts Pads and Tunnels

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Luxury Cat Tunnel


The Rosewood Luxury Cat Tunnel is the ultimate sleeping and resting place for your cat. A soft faux fur cover fits over a strong, easy to assemble frame, and can be placed on the floor, or hooked over a radiator for even more comfort. The…


Cat-It Scratch Pad


The Cat-It Scratch Pad will save you the heartache and anguish caused by your cat systematically destroying your furniture and carpets. The pad is made from corrugated cardboard, and is reversible for maximum use.


Cat Love Car Scratch Pad


The Cat Love Car Scratch Pad is a fun object with a serious intent – to entice your cat away from the furniture. The pad is made from strong corrugated cardboard.


Cat-It Infinity Scratch Pad


The Cat-It Infinity Scratch Pad provides a strong, safe environment for your cat to practice one of its natural instincts – scratching. To get the maximum benefit from it, the pad is reversible.


Cat-It Wave Scratch Pad


In the shape of a wave, this pad will benefit cats of all ages, and save your furniture at the same time. It is made from strong corrugated cardboard, and is reversible.



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