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Eye Envy Off The Beard


Eye Envy Off the Beard removes unsightly beard stains. It will help to eliminate stains and odur caused by saliva, food and treat colouration, and yeast or bacterial infection.


Eye Envy Deep Ear Cleaner


Eye Envy All Natural Deep Ear Cleaner breaks up ear wax and eliminates odour. It is anti-inflamatory, and contains antiseptic herbal extracts.


Eye Envy Ear Dryer


Eye Envy All Natural Ear Dryer will soothe and dry the ear after cleaning. It helps eliminate the build up of wax in the ear.


Eye Envy On The Spot


Eye Envy On The Spot will help to eliminate painful hot spots. It provides instant relief to skin conditions, and will help to stop scratching and chewing, while preventing hot spot hair loss.


Eye Envy On The Paw


Eye Envy On The Paw therapy balm is designed to protect, heal and restore paw pads. It is an excellent solution for paw problems, including crusty and cracked paws; ice, snow and heat burn; dry skin irritations.


Eye Envy On The Nose


Eye Envy On The Nose therapy balm heals and nourishes your pet’s nose. It is an ideal solution for your dog’s nose problems, including dry skin rashes or irritations; crusty, cracked nose; ulcerated nose pad; shiny show dog nose.



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