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Cat Toys

Every cat loves a good cat toy, and we are sure the selection we have on offer will be more than enough to tempt you and your cat. Everything from the real fur mouse to the latest laser toy will give your cat so much fun. Cat toys are designed for interactive use, and it is recomended that your cats are supervised when playing with them. Please check your cat toys on a regular basis, and if you find any loose material or damaged attachment, discard the toy immediately to prevent accidental swallowing. Please dispose of all cat toy packaging responsibly. As they contain small parts, cat toys are not suitable for children under the age of five.

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Yeowww Lady Krinkle Bug


The Yeowww Lady Krinkle Bug has wings that crinkle, and plenty of strong catnip as well. This is one bug you won’t mind your cat catching!


Fur Mouse – Value Pack


One of the best loved cat toys, the fur mouse is most cats favourite toy. Value pack of 6 or 10 mice.


Cat Dancer


The original Cat Dancer toy. All the cat sees are the little bits of cardboard flitting on the end of the wire.


Feather Wobbler


Cats love brightly coloured feathers, and here they are on, a weighted base. Tap the feathers and the toy wobbles and comes back upright.


Yeowww Stinkies


The fantastic scent of Yeowww catnip will have your cat constantly playing with this toy.




These sardine fish shaped toys are full of catnip to attract your cat. And there are no bones! Pack of 3.



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