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Brushes and Combs

We stock an excellent range of brushes and combs to suit all types of coat. Makes include original Greyhound, Premo, Spratts and Show Tech.

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Greyhound Beauty Sparkles Comb


The Greyhound Beauty Sparkles comb has a combination of medium coarse and fine teeth. The metal has a sparkle effect finish.


Spratts 68 Comb


The Spratts 68 is a moulting comb with a handle. It is ideal for long haired coats.


Spratts 70 Comb


The Spratts 70 is a handled comb with coarse teeth.


Classic Double Sided Brush


The Classic Double Sided brush has pins on one side of the head, and nylon bristles on the other. It has a wooden and rubber handle for comfort of grip.


Premo Double Sided Brush


The Premo Double Sided brush has nylon bristle on one side of the head for general brushing, and pins on the other side to ease out loose and dead hair from the coat.


Mikki Bristle and Pin Brush


The Mikki nylon bristle brush has bobble porcupine pins interspersed in the head to help draw out loose and dead hair while brushing the coat.



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